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Go Big Blue!

UK BOX SCORE: Reeves Leads Cats with 27 Points in Blue-White Game

Antonio Reeves (UK Athletics Photo)




OCT. 22, 2022

UK Student-Athletes

Adou Thiero, C

On the communication with guys that are still learning to play with one another …

“I know this has happened a couple of times, Damian (Collins) will call “weak” as for our pick-and-roll but then we will play it wrong. We always call something and play it wrong, and I think we have to understand that more because we have a lot of different words, we have for playing on defense and we have to make sure we’re with it 100%.”

On if he can you feel how intimate it is between Kentucky and the people in this part of this state.…

“Yes, after seeing how much BBN cares for us and everything, it was very important for us to be able to come out and do this for Kentucky in general. It is all about giving back, we were blessed to be in a position we are in, and we can’t just be focused on ourselves, we have to give back to the people who are less fortunate.”

Antonio Reeves, Sr. G

On what he has seen out of Oscar this preseason … “A lot of physicality from Oscar. He is a great rebounder. He is definitely a leader of the team. As soon as he gets back, he is going to make the team even better.”

On his role on the team … “It has gone pretty well. Team bonding has been good and everybody has been talking and bonding with one another. The things we did this offseason was great, bowling and swimming and just hanging with other. It has been good.”

On how they are playing on the perimeter … “I feel pretty good about it. As we keep practicing every day, we are going to keep getting better. The team chemistry is going to get better as well. That is one of the main things and why we have been go good on the perimeter.”

On getting to do this game in Eastern Kentucky and raise the money “Man, it is great that we came out here. Like I said, the community service stuff and giving back to the community is one part of the program that we do. If anyone needs help, we are there for them. Definitely happy we came out here and gave them a game.”

On the community service event this morning … “Like you said, we tried to keep them out there staying warm. We gave them jackets, sweaters, coats, and things like that to make sure they stay warm form the winter. You know, it has been a good thing for the community and good for the team as well.”


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