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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Opening Day of Deer Season Always Special

The opening day of deer season was always a special day for me. I can remember counting down the days and even being unable to sleep the night before. I can remember hunting in a downpour and in the hottest of days. It seemed no matter how uncertain the circumstances were, I was willing to get up early and make my way to a tree stand because that fourth Saturday of September was opening day, no matter if the weather cooperated or not. And while I could not predict any other thing with confidence, I could mark my calendar around this certainty.

Years ago, I took a big step of faith. I left a position I had held for many years. I had finally reached a place where I was living on a decent salary with good benefits. But I felt the need to move to a new position where I would have neither. I would have to trust God for everything. I can remember many days, especially early on, where the circumstances around my life on one day were great and, on another day, seemed hopeless.

As a result, I begin to live on an emotional roller coaster. When things looked good, I was happy and when things looked bad, I fretted, worried, and complained. I can remember the day God exposed my problem. In a not-so-gentle way, he showed me where I was putting my trust. And it wasn’t in him. And in so many unspoken words, he reminded me the reason I was on an emotional roller coaster was because I was putting my trust in things that constantly change. And if I continue to ride that roller coaster, I will stay emotionally sick at my stomach. He reminded me that my eyes were to focus on the One who is not only as consistent as opening day, but who holds every circumstance and situation in his hands. I can put my trust in the changing winds and waves, or I can put my trust in the unchanging anchor of my soul.

The times we are living in right now are fluid. They are changing. Many of the circumstances we are in are not of our doing. Many of the situations we have been forced to endure are making many of us fret, worry, and complain. We think if we could just change our circumstances, our problems would be solved – we would be happy. We think if we could just manipulate the conditions of our country, our problems would be solved – and we would be happy. So, as a result, we ride an emotional roller coaster. When the circumstances are good, we are. When they are not, we are not. I know you want things to change. You should. I know you want to work to help rectify the situation. You should. But if all these things are causing you to go from mood to mood, it’s a good sign you are putting your trust in changing circumstances and not in an unchangeable God.

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