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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Living in the Moment

By Gary Miller

I’ve noticed that those of us who love the outdoors are always in the moment and yet are preparing for an upcoming moment. This time of year is especially true of this. While turkey season is in progress, I am thinking about getting my gear ready for the river and am also making plans on doing the things now that will give me an opportunity at a big buck this fall. It is a constant circle of living, reacting, and planning.

Again, it is living in the moment, reacting to whatever comes my way, and preparing for the future. Just like most of life is. What most of us do each day is go to work as planned, react to the unexpected circumstances that come our way whether from home or work, and plan for the days, weeks, and/or years ahead. And much of the time, these are done simultaneously without a hitch. We have programmed our lives to live in the present and for the future. And it is wise to continue to do this. It is those who only live in the present, who forfeit future success. What is worse are those who never understand that most of what we experience now, is really in preparation for that future – but not necessarily the future here on earth.

or some reason most people think heaven will be one long float-trip; a place where its inhabitants will simply float around on a cloud all day long. How boring would that be? Or they think those in heaven will continually live on our knees giving thanks to God. This is not true as well. (Even though, I’m sure thankfulness and praise will be a big part) The truth is, heaven will be communities. It will be about living, working, playing and a host of other things that I can’t even imagine. It will be about family and fellowship. And while fishing may be involved; there is no doubt the rules will be catch and release.

Why do I share this information? So that you and I can understand why we are here on earth. I think I can sum in up very quickly. We are here first, so that we might respond to God’s invitation to go to heaven. He wants everyone there. Secondly, if we are already Christians, we are here to use all that we are and all that we have in order that others may have this same opportunity to respond to that same invitation. (Remember, He wants everyone there) And last of all, lest we forget, we are here getting prepared for whatever it is that God will have us doing in heaven. That’s why God still tests the faith of the 80-year-old. As long as we are here, He is working on us. When we are ready for our position in heaven, He will take us from here to there, where we will be employed doing what He has really built us for. And they’ll be no time for floating.

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