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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Different Experience At North Fork River

By Gary Miller

Another Outdoor Truths Circle Event in the books. This was our second one on the North Fork River. Our cabin was only a few hundred yards from the Norfork Dam. Last year was my first time to experience the daily changing conditions the river offers. And it's all about if the gates of the dam are open or closed and whether both gates are opened or just one. Each condition determines if fishing will be serene and confined or if as much effort will be given to maneuvering the boat as will be catching fish. This year was different from last year. This year not only did the gates stay closed until late morning, but only one gate was opened. Both situations made everything so much easier – especially when the gates were closed. When the gates are closed, the water is much like a lake. Yes, it still flows, but it’s negligible, and an anchor can easily hold a boat in place. As you can imagine, less water also gives the fish less places to hide. This means if you catch one, it’s most likely a few others will be hanging around that same area. One of things low water also does, is expose small islands. These islands reveal some areas the fish might find attractive when the waters rise. I like to be just below these structures, knowing that fish might be waiting on a food ambush that might be washing out of the grass as the water rises. But everyone has their own techniques and methods. And in that river, there are a lot of them that works. These islands also reveal dangers that boaters would not normally know about when the water is up. When the water is moving and nothing is standing still, there’s no time to pay much attention to what’s lurking under the water. We are too busy with what needs our immediate attention. And then, out of the blue, a motor is destroyed because we failed to remember the exposed areas that needed attention.

What goes for the North Fork River, goes for our lives. Sometimes God allows the flow of life to slow down. He narrows our areas of accomplishment. He confines our ability to be successful. The tempo that was once hurried and fast-paced is now slow, methodical, and even boring. But it’s at these times, God shows us those things we were once too busy to see. He reveals things in our life that if let go, will eventually cause a shipwreck. God is always working on us. What seems slow to us might be His way of causing us to look around at the places we’ll need to maneuver when the waters rise. Don’t miss His clues.

Gary Miller can be reached via email at Miller has written "Outdoor Truths" articles for 20 years. He has also written four books which include compilations of his articles and a father/son devotional. He also speaks at wild-game dinners and men’s events for churches and associations.


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