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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: 2020 Was a Weird Hunting Season

By Gary Miller

This hunting season has been one of weirdest I’ve encountered. I guess it seems fitting that it happened in 2020. What started with enthusiasm and expectation has moved to wonder and disappointment. The planning and preparing that was supposed to provide undeniable success was interrupted by the plans and preparation of undeniable forces that were greater than the hope of my success. While I was lining up the stars to ensure a desired outcome, nature was plugging along with her predictable unpredictability. She knew things I didn’t. And if she would have let me in on her plans, I would have halted mine.

Have you ever thought the same thing about your plans and God’s plans? Have you ever thought, “If God would have just let me know this was going to happen, I would have never gone to such great expense.” Except you end it with a !! When this happens, you always look back at all the work you put in that now seems to be worthless. Wasted time and money. I’m sure many of you could look back at much of this past year and say exactly this. Well, let me tell you that the success you’re expecting is only a part of what God is doing in you and through you. Heck, sometimes it’s not even a part of it, and maybe even something that goes against everything God has planned for you. And here’s why. Your present success is always less than the future planned success God has in mind. I think you would agree that if your present success was your final success, then the future sure would be dismal. I mean what if your present success was your last? It’s not.

And it may take a present failure or a delayed success to insure all the future goodness God has planned for you. So, when all your plans fail and when all your preparation seems worthless, remember this. God must have something for you so good, it can only be accomplished by turning something you deem as a success, into what God deems as something far below the real success he has waiting for you.

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