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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Overlooking Some Things May Not Be A Good Idea

By Gary Miller

My friend just ended his deer season on January 30th in Alabama. On the last day of the month he bagged a nice eight-pointer on a piece of property that had gone untended and had always been relegated as his least favorite and most undesirable. This normally would not mean very much except for the fact he did the same thing the year before. The other leases had been given better treatment. He had spent time on them. He had planted food plots and managed the property to hold deer throughout the year. This property just looked more capable and promising than the other. And after all, since the lease on the neglected property was cheaper, it couldn’t be as good as the more expensive ones. Could it? With a two-year success rate, my friend is beginning to rethink the worth of that which seems unlikely.

As I listened to his story, I was immediately reminded how this same scenario is played out in many different areas of our life. We simply overlook that which seems unlikely. When it comes to possessions, this may not be a big deal, but when it comes to people it is everything. Let me ask it plain and simple. Who are you overlooking because they seem too unlikely or too convenient? Whose work are you ignoring because it may not be in the forefront or exotic enough? Who have you bypassed in order to get to someone who has great references and resumes? Whose results have you ignored because those results did not come from a more polished business or ministry model? Who have you walked past in order to get to someone who lives in another city or country? I’ve noticed in the church world, we will send mission teams to another state, and a church in that state will send their team to us. Could it be we are overlooking the obvious for the ornamental? Could it be we have spent too much time and money on that which looks good and have neglected that which is the most productive? Maybe we need to do like my friend and rethink where we are spending our time and money. Maybe our most productive places and people are those that God puts us around every day.

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