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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Demonstrating the Faith

By Gary Miller

I just finished putting in a food plot for the upcoming deer season. I have always enjoyed getting on a tractor and preparing the soil for seed. This year, instead of tilling the ground, I simply ran my disc harrow over it several times until I had turned up enough dirt to uproot what was presently growing and make it loose enough for the seed I was going to plant. The clincher was waiting until a day of rain had soaked the dirt. This made it loose enough for my disc to easily turn it over. It really was amazing what a day of rain did to the soil. I’m pretty excited to see what this ground produces. I’ll need to throw a little fertilizer on it, but it should make for a great green field for the deer during the cold days of winter.

Some of the most common illustrations used all throughout the Bible are the ones that deal with farmers, farms, seed, and soil. Jesus, as well as many prophets and disciples used this common practice to illustrate some great truths about God and his ways. Jesus gave a parable about the different types of soil. The Apostle Paul talked about reaping and sowing. And James, the brother of Jesus, talked about the patience of the farmer. Each of these, gave a clear picture to listeners what God and his ways are really like. Most of the time, those who listened and read after each of these leaders could easily understand what message each teacher was trying to convey. After all, most everyone there had some experience farming.

What worked then, also works now. Relatable illustrations will always give listeners some anchor point. They will always give those we are trying to reach some tangible example of Biblical truth. And while no illustration is perfectly comparable, they will still draw a faithful picture as to what God is like and what his desire is for us. So, are you struggling with a picture of God? Do you want to know what he is like? Just look at the farmer who patiently waits for the harvest after he has faithful sowed the seed. Then you will know that God is not only sowing seeds of belief into your life, he is also patiently waiting for the harvest of your soul to him.

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