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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Hunters Learning About Products & Spiritual Truth

By Gary Miller

I just came back from another great opportunity to speak to some hunters and fishermen in Central Kentucky. For nearly a decade Terry and his volunteers have been hosting an expo. In fact, I spoke at the first one. Terry and his team rent the local high school and bring in vendors and groups from all over the region. They pay a small fee to host a booth and in turn, hundreds of men and women can view and even buy their products. Most of these participants are the exact demographic these businesses look to sell. It’s also a great opportunity for the local residents to get great deals on gear for the upcoming season. As well as gear, Terry and his gang will have a wide display of deer mounts that are state records. One can even have his own buck scored by certified scorers. All in all, it is a great day to scratch the deer hunting itch that is becoming more and more irritating as the days toward deer season come closer and closer.

What Terry and the folks are really interested in doing, is giving each attendee a nugget of spiritual truth. They just know that if their sign just said, “Come on Saturday and Hear a Nugget of Spiritual Truth,” no one would show up. For men who may not have very much interest in spiritual things, it’s going to take a good seminar on being a better hunter and an opportunity to win a John Deere Gator, for that guy to listen to someone like me tell him how God uses the outdoors as a compass to point a man to God. Now some bemoan this approach. Someone usually barks, “If a hot dog will get him here, a hamburger will keep him home!” They say this as if incentives are wrong. Well, he is wrong. Let me build the case for those of you who are Christians. Think about the person you would most desire to become a fellow believer. Is it a friend? A son? A coworker? Now, let me ask you. How much money would you be willing to give for 30 minutes of his time for the express purpose of sharing your faith with him and asking him to consider becoming a follower of Christ as well? That’s right. And now you know why Terry and his church, and all the volunteers, spend money and time on their good friends and family in Central Kentucky.

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