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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Don't Wait Too Long To Clean Up the Weeds

By Gary Miller

It had been several weeks since I last visited a favorite hunting area. It was early spring, and the new growth had just started coming up. I tried to get an early start on upkeep by weed-eating around the barn and down a rarely used road that led up the hill. I was hoping to make some progress on the maintenance that would have to be done before the next season. I usually wait until the last minute and only do what absolutely must be done in order to hunt. It seems every year I spend most of my time keeping the weeds and limbs from closing in a little more on my hunting area.

And it seems I never fully accomplish that task. The paths are narrower, the site windows are smaller, and the trees keep encroaching on my once roomy spread. I wanted this year to be different, but since my last visit, I’ve already been taken over by vines, weeds, and limbs. It’s only been a few weeks, but this has been plenty of time for the weeds to begin to choke out one of my all-time favorite hunting areas. I’ll gather up my chainsaw and weed-eater and make the trip this week. The fight for property rights is on!

I know of no better picture of many lives today. Neglect has caused some of the most important things in life to be choked out. What was once maintained and protected, has now become swallowed up by so many things that have no value. What was once hallowed ground has now become only a memory of some previous activity. The weeds have become so numerous, we simply become weed farmers than take the effort to eradicate them and return to the worthwhile crop we once produced. Why do we give in? Because it takes time and effort to rid the worthless things from the worthwhile ones. But it must be done.

Have you noticed a particular area in your life that is being swallowed up by worthless things? It will always be the area you have neglected. To neglect one worthless thing for another is of no consequence, but to neglect something of great value will not only cause it to be strangled by insignificant things, it will ultimately cause you to lose something you may never get back. Take the time to do maintenance on the most important things in your life and they will be there when you need them the most.

Gary Miller can be reached via e-mail at

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