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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Busyness Not A Good Excuse

By Gary Miller

There’s one four-letter word I think everyone uses. Well, there’s at least one four-letter word everyone uses. And they probably use it every day. It’s the word busy. Ask any person who has a job and somewhere in the middle of a normal conversation, he or she will mention how busy they are. Even those who have retired will tell you they are busier now than when they were working a regular job. With all of this busyness, it seems to get harder and harder for me to find the time to get in a tree stand for even a few hours.

In fact, I mentioned to one young man how it seems for me to really get into hunting; I have to leave for a few days. Otherwise, my mind is roaming to all of the things I need to be, or should be, or ought to be, or, you get the idea. It seems with all of my daily responsibilities, to leave for only a half day, puts me too far behind to catch up by the end of the week (Whenever that is.) There is no doubt time neither stops nor slows down for anyone, no matter what excuse we have. Right now is a perfect example. In my area, the secondary rut is about to take place. This is maybe my favorite part of the hunting season. But by now, I have become so busy (there’s that word) I am having to miss crucial days being in the woods.

Now before you put down this article, let me quickly tell you what I hate about the busyness excuse. It’s the same thing you hate and the reason you were close to burning this week’s edition of Outdoor Truths. We hate people who think they are so busy they should get a pass for not doing certain things. Or another way to put it, we hate people who think they are busier than everyone else. We hate it because we know the truth, and it’s this. We all have 24 hours in each day. No more. No less. We all have families to care for, jobs to work at, and bills to pay. I mean you do know this don’t you? Or are you the one who leans to heavily on the “busy” excuse?

Please don’t be that person. Please don’t use that excuse for not accomplishing some of the things you’ve dreamed about or doing some of things you know you should do. And please don’t use it for a reason to neglect your spiritual life. Let me tell you why…The people who accomplish more than we do are not afforded more time during each week. And neither are they afforded fewer responsibilities. They simply manage time instead of time managing them. They live, for the most part, proactive and not re-active. They don’t have fewer interruptions than the rest of us. Instead they buffer them in. The only way you will ever accomplish that one thing you want to do and that one thing you need to do, is if you begin by rejecting the busyness excuse.

Gary Miller can be reached via e-mail at

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