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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Deer Hunting Just Around The Corner

By Gary Miller

I know no one wants to think about it since we are in the sweltering summer, but deer season is just around the corner.

South Carolina’s season actually begins in the middle of August. I love to hunt but I just can’t put myself through those conditions for a deer - unless it is a Pope and Young of course. But I would absolutely have to know he is coming to my stand. It seems deer season has always been tied to the cooler temperatures.

During the years when the deer were scarce hunting was almost always associated with Thanksgiving. Back then, the week of Thanksgiving would always bring with it a little snow. My neck of the woods has changed since then. The deer are more plentiful but the snow is not. And with the abundance of deer, there has come the abundance of days to hunt as well.

I have adapted seemingly without notice. It seems most of my life has followed this pattern. I have not set out to adapt, but have slowly, almost subconsciously, changed to accommodate my new environment. And for the most part I have kept in step without a fuss. However, I’m still not hunting deer in August - maybe September but definitely not August.

While everything around us changes, there are some things that ought to be steadfast and unmovable. For those of us who follow Christ, it is Him. The Bible says Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. This means while everything around us will change, that which is in us must not. This is crucial in the world we live in. If we build our life on things that change we will constantly be tossed from one thing to another.

However, if we build our life on something that is sure and steadfast we will always be able to go back to the security that it offers. Change is never comfortable, even good change, but to have something in our life that is both relative and unchangeable is priceless. That’s what Christ offers. His gift is one that is as old as history itself and yet is as useful today as the latest technology. I know of nothing else that offers the same.

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