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SHANE SHACKLEFORD: Who's the greatest: MJ or LeBron? How About Top 5 List?

By Shane Shackleford

Who is the GOAT? The GOAT is simply the best single person in any given sport. The best. No one better. Right now basketball is in the grips of this argument comparing Cavs forward LeBron James with immortality. And I'm sick of it.

Why? It's simple. It's an impossible standard to be held, too. So I'm tired of the Lebron is the "GOAT" debate. If you ask any random number of people who is the best ever, you will get varied, and in some ways very valid, arguments about who they feel is the GOAT. And don't throw the stats line at me. That is only a picture of the merits of the player. I'd rather discuss this like this. I have my Top 5 favorite NBA players by position. To me, notice I said ME. So here goes.. 1- Magic 2- MJ 3- Bird 4- Duncan 5- Shaq My opinion is probably based on the following... 1. The era I grew up in. 2. What I hold important in defining great. 3. Simple preference. I know. Not scientific at all. But that's how I see it. And that's the beauty of sports. Everyone has a right to their opinion. But I don't agree with hating on certain players and calling them names and saying they're terrible just to prove a point. It's crazy to say LeBron sucks. Really?? Look at his accomplishments. Look at the way he carries himself. It's crazy to say he's terrible or otherwise. Is LeBron the GOAT? It's very possible. But it goes back to opinion. So here's what I say. Enjoy greatness wherever you find it. Respect the talent God gives. Be a knowledgeable fan of whatever sport you're into. When you do you'll appreciate it a whole lot more. Shane Shackleford is a retired teacher and coach from Speedwell, Tenn.

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