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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Adventurous Hog Hunting Was Full of Excitement in Georgia

By Gary Miller

One of my favorite hunts is hog hunting. In the south, hogs have fast become a farmer’s worst nuisance and destroyer of property. They have become so numerous most game commissions allow them to be hunted or killed at any time and using any means. For the locals they are trouble, but for those of us who live a little north of this abundance, they are a fun way to get through February while waiting on turkey season to open. They are also a great way of adding some bacon to the freezer.

I recently took a two-day trip with three others to Georgia. The first day we hunted with rifles, the second day with dogs and knives. Yes, that’s right; with dogs and knives. I had heard of this type of hunting before but this was my first attempt at such close-quarter combat. Even though I wondered about the sanity of such a venture, I decided to check this one off my bucket list. The thrill sounded too appealing and the anticipated adrenaline rush, too tempting. It will be a hunt I will never forget.

There’s no doubt, giving into this gust of excitement had its potential for danger. The good thing about it was that all the danger involved was of the physical variety. There was no potential of damaging me or anyone in my family emotionally. There was simply the possibility of some physical danger that did not outweigh, for me, the experience or the testosterone-filled-moment that came with the involvement. It also helped to know there were others around me, whom I trusted, to let me know I was not taking my life in my own hands.

By far and away, the greatest dangers for most men are not the things we decide to do that have the potential for physical harm, but they are those things that cause hurt that is never seen on the outside. Both may come from the desire for adventure or excitement, but one always results in the participant and those he loves, having irreparable harm. Guys, when the testosterone bug hits you, make sure the only scars you come home with are the ones you’re proud of. She’ll be proud of them, too.

Gary Miller is the author of three books that are compilations of the articles he has written for nearly 15 years. He also speaks at game dinners and men’s groups for churches and associations. He can be reached via e-mail at

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