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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Turkey Season Just Around The Corner

By Gary Miller

Deer season has been over for a few weeks now, and turkey season is right around the corner. I like how each of these are so different than the other. If hunting turkeys involved as much as hunting deer, I would have to give up one. In days past, they were. Let me explain.

Years ago, deer hunting hardly amounted to anything more than building a couple of fixed tree stands in well-traveled areas. They lasted for years and each season one would simply climb into one of those stands. There was not much preparation, and for many hunters opening day was an event that quickly came and left. There might have even been a cabin or camping area where guys would come together for a few days in order to hang out and hunt. After those few days, it was back to work with an occasional weekend giving it another try. There was not much land management, no trail cameras, and the trophy was any deer that fell to the ground.

Today, serious deer hunters never stop pursing their game. The year is made up of either hunting or getting ready to hunt. It’s February now, and if there is to be a summer crop that will keep deer close all year, the field needs to be turned and prepared for the seed that must be planted in the next few weeks. And while we’re at it, now is a good time to do some scouting since there are no leaves on the trees. One might even find some sheds to let him know what bucks may still be around. It never stops.

Turkey hunting, on the other hand, amounts to knowing where the turkeys are and being able to call them close enough to shoot. That’s it! And thank God for it! Easier said than done; but simple. It’s like taking something that is otherwise hard, and even pressure filled, and making it easy. I like that, and I guess that’s why I look forward to this season.

When I think about the Christian life, I have similar feelings. It seems while being a Christian can bring difficulty and persecution; that persecution and difficulty need not come from one’s on hand – or rather from one’s own false ideas. I find this to be the biggest problem among believers. We make it harder than it needs to be by taking on a responsibility that, not only is not ours, but that is impossible for us to do. It’s the responsibility for living out the Christian life. The power and responsibility for that comes from the Spirit of God. And as soon as we learn this, not only will the pursuit be more fun, success will come with a lot less effort.

Gary Miller can be reached via e-mail at

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