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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Birds, Bugs & Others Can Be Our Hunting Partners

By Gary Miller

Sometimes sitting in a tree stand can be boring. It’s not like you see deer every minute you’re hunting or even every day you go. Most mornings in the stand last for several hours and even though you may see deer, the window for those sightings is small. I might come home after a hunt and brag that I saw 10 deer, but I may have seen them all in one 45-minute period.

What one sees during the other four hours is mixture of birds, bugs, and bushes. And then there are the squirrels. They are our hunting partners. They are the sentinels that are ever aware of any new traveler that comes under their tree. Their bark is a guaranteed warning that a sure or possible predator is visiting the neighborhood. And they love to cry out at the sight of an oncoming deer. For the hunter who is on the verge of a complete coma, they snap us back to hunter mode.

During a recent trip away, I depended on them every day to be my eyes and ears when my mind was preoccupied with something else. I can’t tell you how many times they let me know a buck was approaching. They were as dependable as if I had seen the deer myself.

During those days in the stand with my hunting-partner squirrels, I was reminded how dependent each of us is on one another. We all have our abilities and may even be extremely gifted in certain areas. All of us also live in a certain type of world. We are used to the same sights and sounds.

As a result we can become insensitive to our surroundings. After all, we are in them every day. Sometimes we need others to hear what we cannot hear and see what we cannot see. We need someone different to show us what familiarity has blinded us to. We need a warning sound that comes from another place. We need fresh ears and eyes.

Is there a situation in your life that needs attention? It may be in your home or business? While you may know exactly what you’re trying to accomplish, the way to accomplish it may not come from those in your circle. It may come from another source. It may come from an unfamiliar sound – from someone who has a perspective that you do not have. Don’t ignore it. Many times these are the ones who can move you to the place you need to go to accomplish the things you want to accomplish.

Gary Miller can be reached via e-mail at

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