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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Fishing In Extreme Weather Isn't Easy

By Gary Miller

Several years ago it was not unusual to make one or two trips per week to wade the Cherokee Lake. Late winter always proved to hold enough of the bass variety to keep me fishing even in the most extreme conditions. These trips usually only lasted about half of the day and since I kept my equipment in my truck, I only needed a short notice and a good excuse.

I can remember one day arriving at a favorite spot in the mid-afternoon. It was cold and blustery. Even though I had dressed warmly, the cold air was blowing hard in my face. It was a headwind that was so strong casting was difficult. I fought the circumstances for about an hour before I gave in and decided to go elsewhere. A few hundred yards behind me was a small unexciting place, but the wind would be to my back and be blocked somewhat by the hills on one side. There, in that area, were little dead stickweeds that were scattered throughout. They may hold a bass but there were now only a couple of hours left before dark. In those two hours I caught six impressive largemouths. I was so excited about that new little spot that I made plans to return the next day, earlier and with a friend. That next afternoon did not disappoint us. When the smoke had cleared we had landed 21 bass over fifteen inches long.

Just a day before I had cursed the wind and the circumstance it had put me in. I had complained of the difficulties and obstacles I was facing. I had fought against the prospects of leaving the familiar and comfortable place that I knew for the unknown, untested, and unappealing. But to get to the most fruitful area, I had to be forced out of my safe and secure confines. I had to “cast my nets on the other side.”

This is how God works many times in our lives when He wants to get more out of us or when He is looking for someone to serve in a certain way or place. He simply makes the place that we’re in, too hard to bear. He makes the going so tough that we have no other choice than to look in other areas. It’s one of the ways that God uses to get us from where we are now to where He wants us to be. If this is you, it might be a good time to look around and see where the wind is in your favor.

Gary Miller can be reached via e-mail at

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