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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Celebrating Christmas

By Gary Miller

There is no other time of year that emphasizes giving more than Christmas. The whole Christmas story is one of giving. It is God giving the world His Son. The picture of the Giver however is different from much of what is seen today. This Giver gave under no obligation and without expectation of receiving anything. He gave something of so much value that the receiver can only stand in awe, not of the Gift only, but of the heart of the One who would give something of such great personal value. An observant outdoors person can see some tremendous and important qualities of God. First of all we can see His unmerited generosity. This entire natural world has been given to man for his provision and pleasure. None of us deserved such a gift but it was given to us because the nature of God is to give.

We can also see the distinct and impeccable taste of God. By looking at nature we can see the Creator wanted to give us something so beautiful and awe-inspiring that no mere human could claim its idea or ownership. We can also see the ability of God. If God can create these lands and waters that we enjoy, is there anything He cannot do?

David described those things in nature this way when he wrote in Psalm 19; “They speak without a sound or word; their voice is never heard. Yet their message has gone throughout the earth and their words to all the world.” There is no doubt in the eyes and ears of those who love the outdoors that God is a giving God who loved mankind so much that he wanted to give us His best.

However, when God gave us His Son it was not only because He chose to give us His best, but because there was no other way. God would now have to choose between His love for all of mankind and allowing His own Son to suffer and die. We know which He chose. As you and I enjoy the outdoors, let it remind us of God’s ability and His desire for us to have His best. But as we celebrate Christmas let it remind us of His great love; for it was because of this love that He gave us His only Son.

Merry Christmas.

Gary Miller can be reached via e-mail at

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