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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Exciting Time For Hunters Has Arrived

By Gary Miller

It really is fun to watch hunters this time of year. We are no different than any other group or even species. I would guess that every animal or mammal has trigger mechanisms – those things that happen that tell them something else is about to happen.

For instance, we know that certain moon phases trigger certain types of behavior in some animals. We also know these trigger points have to do with aspects of how they were created. Some creatures hear at levels above or below that which a human can hear. Some creatures have other sensory perceptions that allow them to detect weather conditions far in advance of our modern technology. Hunters must have something as well; I just don’t know what. But I do know there is something within us that triggers a trip to the hunting store. I don’t think it’s just the fact that it’s August. I think it’s much more complicated than that. Some would say that all of the hunting shows cause us to react the way we do, but I’m not so sure.

In fact, I wonder which comes first, the hunting shows or the urge to hunt? I actually feel like I’m part of an old science fiction movie where all of the people that the aliens have possessed come in a trance to a central location to wait on the mother ship to arrive. No one tells them to come; there’s just an urge that comes over them so strong they just have to leave. The other day I had this same urge. It was drawing me to the Wal-Mart hunting department. I had not seen any advertisement nor had I been invited. There was just this call – this odd call – that said, “Come.”

When I arrived, there were other people there. They too could not say why they came and some even how they got there but there we were together, waiting on the mother ship. We looked up to see when she might appear. The day and time was posted on a white eraser board behind the counter. We watched and waited, and longed for the arrival. Even though her coming was several days away, there was just something about being around those things that reminded us of her. The smell of Acorn Rage, corn, and C’mere Deer permeated the aisles. They even played videos of the previous visits where she had come and gone. They made the wait harder to endure but it was good to see how others reacted to that special day.

We left after several hours with only a few reminders in our hands, but enough good memories to carry us on until that time arrives whereby we leave family and friends on this side and are transported to the other side, where we will be welcomed into the presence of another hunting season!

Gary Miller can be reached via e-mail at

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