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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Recalling the Old Days of Tasty Fried Food

By Gary Miller

This time of year I always try catching some pan fish. I really enjoy this slow, unhurried outdoor activity. It’s especially good after managing the deadlines of deer and turkey seasons, and an occasional bass tournament. There are no seasons for bluegill and crappie. If today is unsuccessful. maybe I’ll go tomorrow; or maybe not. And there is nothing like fried fish from these varieties. Yes, fried.

I remember the days when there was no such a thing as calories, carbohydrates, and cholesterol. At least I didn’t know there was. Now it seems anything that is fried is bad for me. I really wish I could fry the guy who found that out. He’s probably a vegetarian too! Which I heard is an old Indian word for “bad hunter.” But it looks like he’s right. And I really hate that. Have you ever noticed that you can put anything in a pan of hot grease and it will come out tasting good? When I was young my momma saved grease just for frying things. That’s what that ceramic jar on the stove was for. And how many of you can remember “killing” some fresh lettuce and onions in bacon grease and following that up with a piece of fried cornbread with real butter on it? Try to find that on somebody’s menu today. No, today if we eat lettuce and onions it will be on a salad with a tablespoon of some kind of fat free dressing. And that cornbread turned into a club cracker. No wonder the crime level has escalated in America! I’d be mad too if somebody swapped my cornbread for a cracker! And I just read the other day that obesity in America has reached epidemic levels. Why? I don’t know. But I know that it wasn’t that way when I had my jar of grease on the stove! Have you ever noticed when grease is put in food it holds that particular food together? It doesn’t matter if it’s cake or hamburger; grease holds it together. Now I think there’s a great parallel here that we need to see. Have you noticed how our world is falling apart? Yep, that’s right. It happened when we took the grease out.

Oh, the ramblings of those who hate to diet.

Gary Miller can be reached via e-mail at

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