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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Unsuccessful Turkey Hunt Provides Wonderful Picture Of God's Love & His Pla

By Gary Miller

I left the woods after an unsuccessful evening turkey hunt. On my way out I noticed where some of my feathered friends had been scratching. Of course, I had to slip out of my truck and see if I could locate one of those birds for the next morning. Sure enough he was there high in a tree, just waiting on me to show up the following day to introduce him to my Winchester 1300. There was only one problem. I had already made other arrangements for the next morning and even though they were not carved in stone, it would take some real creativity to change. After some calls were made and planning was done, I was still unable to change my original appointment. Plan B went into effect. Perhaps I could adjust my events and go in just a little later and catch that bird on his morning stroll back down the mountain. Sounds good, but again plan B was squashed with authority. I ended up only wondering “what if” the next day. The truth was evident. Even though I knew where that gobbler was and even though he seemed within reach, the only way that I was going to meet that turkey was if he came to me. I could not come to him. My circumstances, my situation, my ability, and all my efforts were not good enough to get me to where he was.

This is a wonderful picture of God’s love and his plan for us to get to heaven. You see, because of our sin, we are unable to reach God. Our circumstances, our ability, and all of our efforts can't bring God to us. There is a deep chasm between Him and us that cannot be spanned by man. But God made a way. Because we could not come to Him, He came to us and He did it through the person of Jesus Christ. By sending Jesus He overcame all the obstacles that were between us and God. He put heaven within reach. He bridged the great divide and presented Himself high on the cross for all to see and for all to know where He can be found. Now, the path to that tree is clear, and open, and accessible. And it’s only one step away from where you are right now.

Gary Miller can be reached via e-mail at

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