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JOE COX: Can SEC Knock Off Unbeaten Wildcats This Winter? How About Eight-Team Playoff in College F

By Joe Cox

Contributing Editor

The non-conference foes have been dispatched. Kansas? Check. Texas? Check. UNC? Louisville? Check, check. All finished. If anybody stands between Kentucky basketball and an undefeated regular season, it is…

Well, who exactly? The bottom line is this—the SEC isn’t a very strong conference. It’s been worse, but to say that there is a quality drop-off after UK is an understatement. projects the rest of UK’s schedule, and they project the ‘Cats to have the hardest time at LSU on February 10. The Tigers defeated West Virginia and four other teams in the RTRPI Top 100 in the pre-season. Their only losses were in neutral site games against Old Dominion and Clemson. Jarrell Martin leads the SEC in scoring and Jordan Mickey is a rare big man with UK-level skills. If they can score enough from outside to stay in the game, the Tigers could indeed be UK’s toughest test.

The site also projects UK’s final road game, at Georgia on March 3rd, to be a challenge. The 8-3 Bulldogs have three top 100 wins by RTRPI’s reckoning, and no bad losses. Four Bulldogs average double-figure scoring, led by Marcus Thornton, who seems like he’s been at Georgia for a decade or two.

Beyond those two, other opponents who RTRPI projects to come within a dozen points of the ‘Cats (and it projects UK over LSU by 9 and Georgia by 10, for what it’s worth) are at Texas A&M (January 10, projects UK by 12), at Alabama (January 17, projects UK by 11), and at Florida (February 7, projects UK by 12). The closest home foe left? Georgia and Arkansas are projected to lose at UK by 26.

While it’s a mathematically-based site, the calculations make sense. It’s hard to fathom UK having serious trouble at home. On the road? Well, the five schools named above are the most likely suspects, although only LSU seems to even arguably have the talent to pull an upset (although this could change if Florida’s squad stumbles into a proctologist’s office).

It’s safe to say that ultimately, the only opponent UK needs to fear is the enemy within—the team’s untapped potential and sometimes shaky focus. It could be a historic season in the end.

* * * *

Now that the cat is out of the bag in regard to college football playoffs, the clamor will begin to increase and extend the playoffs. Yuck. One thing that has kept college football strong is the fact that every single game truly does matter. The bigger the playoff, the less that is true. That said, here is my humble proposal to extend the playoff and keep the regular season alive.

1) The playoff is hereby extended to eight teams. No more. The No. 8 team in the country usually has a legitimate argument to be a national champion. The No. 16 team does not. Period.

2) Conference championships, at least in the power conference, are cancelled. Non-power conferences can have them at will, but they’ll probably cancel them also.

3) Two weeks after the normal end of regular season, the first-round games are played. The No. 8 team will play AT the No. 1 team. The No. 7 team will play AT the No. 2 team