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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Give Thanks for Beautiful Outdoors

By Gary Miller

I am certain the most thankful people ought to be those who consider themselves outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen. We are the folks who get to enjoy riches that go far beyond our ability to pay for. We get to play in the backyard of God. And even though most property is claimed by an individual or entity; it is really all owned by its Creator. His handiwork is seen in every mountain and valley. He fills each hollow with animals, plants, and trees, not by chance, but according to His divine purpose. Every creation has its own unique manner that point passersby to its Designer. And if this creation could speak, there is no doubt the first utterance from her lips would be words of praise and thankfulness. If this is true for all other creations, how much more true it ought to be for us – those made in the very image of God.

Many who study science are led to believe that we have merely evolved from a lower form of life; that our life is of no more value than any other. They decry therefore that we ought to treat all creation with equal goodness. And while they are right about goodness they have overlooked the fact that goodness is actually a moral virtue that must come from somewhere. Even those who deny God have something in them that cries out for fairness and goodness and tolerance. These are all qualities of the Creator of mankind who, once again, made us in His image. Why can’t they embrace hatred or even unfairness? It is because they have within them, as Solomon declared, “Eternity in their hearts.” There is a need for mankind to espouse the greater good. Even thieves demand fairness among themselves. All of this points to the existence of God.

What has this to do with thankfulness among those who love the outdoors? Outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen have forever been individuals who understand they are uniquely blessed to be the first ones who decipher creation’s cryptic message that points us time and time again to its Architect.

Gary Miller can be reached via e-mail at

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