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GARY MILLER: Outdoor Truths

(Editor’s Note: Gary Miller is an outdoor writer, author and speaker. He also serves as Pro Staff for several hunting companies including PSE Archery, Schiek Sports, Peragon Truck Bed Covers, and Alpen Optics. When he is not writing or speaking, you'll find him in a tree stand, a turkey blind, or on the river. He has written three books: Outdoor Truths, Hunting and Fishing for Answers Volumes I and II & Devotions from a Hunting, Fishing, and Sports Father, to His Son. The “Outdoor Truths” series of books are each a compilation of the articles he has written over time. Miller’s Outdoor Truths column is a weekly sportsmen's article that appears in newspapers, regional magazines and online outlets in the South and Midwest for over 11 years. It is a blend of observations and experiences that have come over time from being in God's great outdoors. Miller has been married to Teresa for over 30 years and they have three children and two grandchildren.)

An atheist hunter?

That’s one term I have never heard. I’m sure there is someone out there who would fit this description, but I’ve never met him. In fact just the opposite is true. Those who spend their time in the woods or on the water can’t help but see God in all creation.

Even though we may have different theological views, all hunters and fishermen can agree on one fact, only God could have created things as wonderful as we see each time we sit in a tree stand, hide in a turkey blind, or cast another bait.

From seeing a squirrel working diligently to get ready for the winter, or watching a family of raccoons move in line like an army platoon, to listening to the familiar low of a mourning dove, there is no doubt about the hand of God upon this earth. Everyone can believe this truth, but a hunter and fisherman see it and understand it like no other.

That is what this column is all about. I hope to share with you the view of heaven from the perspective of those who spend time in the outdoors. Those of you who hunt and fish will understand and those of you who don’t perhaps will want to, by taking a gun into the woods or a fishing rod to the lake and sitting quietly, away from those things that are man-made, and waiting on God to speak through other things as simple as the sparrows that do not fall to the ground without His knowing.

Welcome to my world and the world of millions of others who hunt and fish and spend time in God’s great outdoors.

Reach Gary Miller via e-mail at

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