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Go Big Blue!


By Gary Miller

I’m embarrassed to say, my turkey season has been terrible. I’ve not been able to stay very late up in the morning, so I’ve been limited to trying to compete with hens after the toms fly off the roost. Early in the season, this is hard. For me it has been impossible. I have watched several toms, strut just out of range, expecting the hens to follow. They have. I have actually watched them walk right in front of me on their way to greener pastures. I have been left holding only crushed expectations. Social distancing has placed me completely out of range. I have no concern of catching anything. Hopefully as the season progresses, the seemingly uninterested gobblers will not only hear my call, but respond. I’ll let you know.

Have you ever felt like God was just out of reach? I mean have you ever felt like no matter how intense your prayer was, or no matter how sincere you prayed, God just didn’t feel the same urgency? I know you have – especially if you have been in any serious predicament. In that situation, you so need to hear from God, but he seems hidden in the shadows, just beyond the length of your prayers. When this happens, most of the time we resort to more extreme measures. We plead, cry, scream, beg, fast, or just about anything abnormal, to get the attention of God. Our thoughts are, if God sees how serious we are, he will immediately stop what he’s doing and answer our prayer according to our desire. After a few hours or days of doing this, we are convinced the seriousness of other issues have evidently, consumed the attention of God and thus we are left to work out our own issues, on our own time, and according to our own ability. We think, “Where is God when I need him?” And the answer seems to be, “With someone else.”

During those times what we must remember is, it is true God is with someone else. But he has not abandoned us. He is still working in and for us. He is asking us, however, to wait. Waiting is designed to do several things including building greater trust. But know this, while you are waiting God is working – for you. While you are waiting, God is preparing the people and the place that is designed to bring about his answer to your prayer. If I could have stayed at my hunt a little longer, there is no doubt those gobblers would have came back to me eventually. And while you’re waiting, stay faithful and keep calling, not to remind God where you are, but to remind yourself to keep a watchful eye for when he shows up.

Gary Miller can be reached via email at


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