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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Thankful For Sharing Experience

By Gary Miller

As I write, I’m finishing an extended stay in Texas. One more weekend to go before I fly home. It’s been a great experience to do a little hunting and to get to speak to some really neat guys. At this moment, I’m waiting on about a dozen guys to show up at the ranch I’m staying at. I’ve made this particular trip for the past few years. It’s one of my favorites. And I’m thankful that through this upcoming event, I was able to connect to the guys, and church, that I just came from. I’m thankful for this type of networking – one man telling another man about his experience and encouraging him to have the same experience. Sounds pretty much like what Jesus wanted when it came to his followers. Tell someone about your experience – one person at a time. And it was the experience that caused them to go and tell. It wasn’t, primarily, information.

In fact, for the first two or three hundred years, there was no compiled information. There was no “Bible” as we know it. Yes, there were letters and accounts that the early followers had, but they didn’t go from place to place and person to person with a Bible under their arm and a salvation tract in their hand. No, they went and told others about an event (the resurrection) and their experience with a risen savior. There were no Christian historians, theologians, or apologists; just everyday people who shared their experience with an event. These people then began to gather, share burdens, meet needs, and love people because the one who rose told them and gifted them to do it.

And many of them died holding on to their faith when a simple denial of their experience would have saved their life. All this to say, the sharing of your experience is all God needs to begin to work in other’s lives. Sure, we have the word of God now. And sure, the gospel is the power of God unto salvation. But theology can be debated, your experience with it cannot. Jesus healed a blind man. Those around him basically wanted to know the theology and methodology by which Jesus did this act. The blind man simply admitted he didn’t know. But what he did know was, “I was blind but now I see.” And they could not argue with his experience. Those around you, cannot argue with yours. I’ll share my experience with some great guys later this week, and while we may have some great theological debates and differences, we will all only admire and appreciate each other’s unique experience with a risen savior.

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