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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Spring Season Has Arrived

By Gary Miller

It doesn’t take too many warm days in a row and one begins thinking spring. And with the time change upon us, I’m all in! It’s official for me. Let the world begin again – afresh, anew, and with gobs of possibilities of which all include the outdoors.

I think the toilsome, long winter only magnified my excitement about the upcoming warm days. Stories of limits of crappie have stirred my restlessness as well. My mind is running wild. I have a substantial list of things I need to do around the house. Spring cleaning has become spring restoration. I am also eager to jump on a tractor and prepare fields and to even plow up my little garden. But while my eagerness wanes from year to year, the constant of spring is sure. It may come in as a lion or a lamb, but it is coming. It may be wetter or dryer than normal, but it is coming. It may be hotter or colder than normal, but it is so sure we actually have given its arrival an official date. March 20th. Does it sound presumptuous that we do that? I hope not. It has not let us down as far back as civilization. It is like one of many constants that scientists cannot explain. Ones like, why gravity’s pull is the same, why the earth turns at the same speed and even why water always boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. These constants are so sure our whole life is built around their reliability.

It goes the same for hunting and fishing. Aren’t you glad the powder in a shotgun shell or the amount of gas your boat needs to operate doesn’t change from day to day? The universe is really fine-tuned. So, what is the take from all of this? And why should I care? The take is this. The creator of this universe is also the sustainer of this universe. That means while He may have set some things in motion, He is still active in its processes. We may say that it seems He must have better things to do or He would forever be busy. But these conclusions are based on a human response to what it means to be better or how much activity we think one needs to be busy. You see, the constants for the universe were created by One who was outside of it – One who has his own constants. What are they? They are many but the main one is love and a second one is that He does not change. And this is why we should care.

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