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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Getting Comfortable

By Gary Miller


A few years ago, I bought a really nice and comfortable lock-on stand along with an expensive ladder climbing system to go along with it. I had been hunting the Midwest for years before that and was always fighting comfort because I stayed in the stand for hours. I figured if I was going to sit for hours, I need to be able to sit as comfortably as possible. I made the right call. During that time, or maybe even before that, I begin to have the same ideas about those things that I spend the most time in at home. I thought, while there are plenty of places to go inexpensive and generic, the places I spend the most time ought to be as comfortable as possible. And if there is ever a reason to spend more money on any item, it ought to be for the places and things where I spend the most time.

My list is fairly small because there’s only so much time in each day. So, here ya go. I spend about 6 hours each day in bed. I want a good bed that allows me to wake up without aches and pains. My family and I sit in our living room and watch TV, or just talk. After a day of work, I want a couch and recliner that feels like I’m home. A lawnmower. Yes, a lawnmower. I calculated that I mow my grass 8 months out the year. I don’t need something that breaks down in a few months or even a few years. My office chair is a must. I spend hours in it each day; probably more than I do anywhere else besides my bed. My truck. I travel a lot. I’m 6’2” tall. I don’t like cars. I like the seat in my truck to feel like my recliner (Thank you, Toyota, for getting that done.) Frosted Flakes. Never, I mean NEVER think that any generic flakey cereal is going to taste like the real thing. And last of all.


Eternity. I’m going to spend a long time there.


Gary Miller has written Outdoor Truths articles for 21 years. He has also written five books which include compilations of his articles and a father/son devotional. He also speaks at wild-game dinners and men’s events for churches and associations. Miller can be reached via email at


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