OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Fishing & Hunting Are Slow Now

By Gary Miller

Both fishing and hunting are in a lull. Hunting is pre-turkey season and the fish have been washed to Florida due to all the flooding here lately. Our lakes are above summer pool. It’s crazy. As I write, another wave of rain has come through, with more to follow. Looks like Spring will have plenty of water for the new growth. I am waiting on a few days of dry weather to see if I can put in a small food plot for the turkey. I need some extra attraction due to the small farm I’m hunting. These birds roam so much; a patch of chicory and oats are sure to keep them within distance during the upcoming season. I can remember using the same approach when I once owned a small farm. There were plenty of deer, but my property was simply a travel corridor until I added a few food plots. After that, my place become home. Food, water, and a good bedding area was all they really needed. It was quality and not quantity that made the difference. It’s the same for us.

If you have noticed, and I know you have, some people have been given a “bigger farm” than others. Some, in our society, have been born to people and in places that almost insure success. Others are blessed with certain skills and gifts that allow them to prosper more quickly than others. And some just seem to be in the right place at the right time. To say life is fair, is ignoring the obvious. Life is not fair. God is not fair. Jesus was not fair. But it’s ok, because the question is this. “What do I do with what I have and who I am?” James, the brother of Jesus, said if you are one of those who have been blessed with a “bigger farm,” be humble and don’t hoard. You are to be a thankful conduit of blessings to those who may not even own a farm, or who may not even have a big enough food plot. And you are to do it, without judgement. If you are the one whose farm is small or who may not even have a farm, you are not to envy or judge the one who has more. You are to do two things: First of all, as much as possible, use what you have to make your place better. And secondly, understand, that while God has not blessed people equally here; one day He will make it right. And I sort of believe, he may even turn the tables. So, whether we have much or little; the focus of our life should be on its quality – whether that is in making the most of what we’ve been given or helping others out of the abundance we have been blessed with.

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