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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Early Memories of Hunting

By Gary Miller

I can remember the first time I was exposed to those reflective tree tacks. I was hunting in Ohio and my first hunt was the next morning. Since we didn’t have time that evening to view my hunting location, I was simply told to follow the reflective tacks. I was taken to my starting place early the next morning, grabbed my flashlight and was pointed to the first tack. Sure enough, one tack led to another, and then to another, and so on. There were times when there were tacks on both sides of the path. On occasions, it looked like an airplane runway. There was no way I could get lost as long as stayed between those beacons. I remember after a few twists and turns, I finally showed up to my destination tree. I had never seen it. I didn’t know how to get there. I could only see a few feet down my path. But I arrived at the destination my guide had planned for me.

I thought about that trip the other morning while running in the dark. I had my headlamp on to brighten my path, but I could only see a few feet ahead. While I knew where I was going, I could only see as far as my circumstances allowed. So, I kept running with the light I was given, until the sun began to peek out, and I could see farther down the trail.

Both instances illustrate how God asks us to follow him. Both illustrate the walk of faith. Sometimes, actually most of the time, our destination is unknown to us. Our Guide, however, knows exactly where He’s sending us, and He points us only to the starting point. He doesn’t leave us there but gives us another tack to make sure we are heading in the right direction. Sometimes the way is still vague and other times it’s lit up like that runway. Both will only take us so far until another directional tack is seen. There are also times God has shown us the destination he has for us. He has given us a glimmer of the ultimate plan for us, but he is blocking our immediate arrival. He does so by placing unexpected and unwanted circumstances in our path. At those times, there is only enough light to move us a few steps forward. During those times, there may not be enough light to make it to the end of our present situation, much less our destiny. But we keep taking one step after another until daylight breaks and shows us how close we really are to the place God planned for us all along. It’s then we find out that God’s destiny for us was never a place. It was the walk.

Gary Miller has written Outdoor Truths articles for 21 years. He has also written five books which include compilations of his articles and a father/son devotional. He also speaks at wild-game dinners and men’s events for churches and associations. Miller can be reached via email at


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