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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Cool Mornings Have Arrived

By Gary Miller

Kentucky bow season opened yesterday. The morning was exceptionally cool. I know that because I stepped out on my patio to confirm. Yeah, I know. You think I should have been sitting in that tree stand. You might be right, but since I hadn’t checked my trail camera in a couple of weeks, I didn’t know if my sitting would be in vain. In the early season, I’m not expecting the unexpected like I am around Halloween. This time of year, predictability and familiarity are the norm. If he’s not around now, he probably won’t be until he starts looking for a doe. So, I wait. Tomorrow, however, I’m making a trip there to check my camera to see if I should have been there instead of on my patio. I’ve seen a good buck there recently, but the bears seem to be ruling the roost right now. Again, the norm has been to have tons of pictures of bears and a few pictures of deer. This will change, but I’ll have to get through this season of the usual and routine. But who likes to do that?

If you think about it, most of our life is made up of the things that have no special significance. We get up, go to work, maneuver through our day, come home, enjoy family time or a hobby, and do it all over again the next day. And one day adds to another, and to another, until we have put together… well, until we have put together something that is significant. It may be an earned degree, a debt paid off, or a child raised and released into adulthood.

But a string of routine occurrences can produce a really special moment for rejoicing. That’s why we have to remember, while each day in itself may seem mundane; it is actually a part of something we never imagined would be accomplished. Because if you look back at any significant moment in your life, you will notice, it was most likely ushered in by those things that were predictable and familiar. This means I better get in that tree stand. What I see, hear and learn during these early days, might be the sole reason I am able to get a shot at a good buck when my opportunity comes.

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