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SHANE SHACKLEFORD: Where Would Anthony Davis Wind Up?

This week, former UK great and New Orleans Pelican Anthony Davis expressed his desire to be traded from the Big Easy to a NBA contender. The All-NBA forward has been the centerpiece in NOLA since he was drafted first overall out of UK in 2015.

With the NBA trade deadline fast approaching, I wanted to write an article about where The Brow could be making his next home. I approached three of my closest childhood friends and posed the question to them.

But the more I read their responses, the more I thought you, the reader, would enjoy our conversation in “real time.” So the rest of this article will simply be four guys discussing the AD trade scenarios on Twitter.


Hey brothers! I am getting ready to write an article about AD leaving New Orleans. Could you give me some of your fav destinations for him and why briefly? Thanks! Love Y'all!

Shane Shackleford

Does “anywhere but LA” work? I’d like to see Boston. Kyrie will probably leave though, so I’m not sure that makes perfect sense. Selfishly, I’d love to see him Houston with Harden. He fits the style of play here. If Capela can average 18 and 10 in this offense, what would AD do? Don’t think they have enough assets to trade for him though.

David Fee

Have to agree with Fee’s anywhere but LA. And as a lifelong Celtic fan I’d love to see AD there. Thinking outside the box....Knicks with better leadership (the league thrives with NY is good), Denver- they seem up and coming for sure and there’s some UK connections, OKC with Russ and PG because they would be really damn good. That’s all I got.


Absolutely... Not to the Lakers. Why go there and make LBJ look even better. Celtics, Spurs, Heat and Knicks. I agree with JC about the NY idea. It's been long enough for Knick fans having a bad team. Spurs, one of the best coaches all time. AD can learn from him and be like (better) than Timmy D. Celtics, you all have that covered. Why not, and I think Kyrie isn't going anywhere. Kyrie, AD, the rest....winning it all. Heat, Dwade is on his way out and Riley needs a superstar to revitalize the franchise and attract other stars...long shot thou, but don't count Pat out. He is a Kentucky boy!

Lonnie W. Huff, Jr

Knicks is definitely intriguing. Have to have tons of cap space, right? Marketable destination. MSG...makes sense.

David Fee

Thanks so much! I think in no particular order LA, Boston, and NY will be the major players for http://him.No secret that LBJ wants him (but then again he wants any megastar to join him and try to cement his status as the GOAT (that's another article right there. The trick to LA is what they would have to give up to get AD (2 of these 4- Ball, Ingram, Kuzma, and Ivnic (sp) maybe 3 if they don't get a couple of 1's.

Shane Shackleford

Boston has the bait in house to land AD. Brown, Tatum, Heyward, and three more 1st round picks beyond their own. Can't see Kyrie traded though or Rozier.

Shane Shackleford

NY is the darkhorse. If they can land KD and they could and get the number 1 pick (Zion) they could ship the pic and KP along with a couple of future 1's. Money is in the Big Apple and I'm like John that the league benefits with a healthy Knicks team.

My personal pick is the Spurs though. Can you imagine what a reboot of TD that Davis would be in SA? Unreal!

Shane Shackleford

Special thanks to my childhood brothers David Fee, John Cornett, and Lonnie Huff. We’ve been talking sports for many years.

Shane Shackleford is a regional sports columnist from Speedwell, Tenn. You can contact him on Twitter, Facebook, or email at

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