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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Standing Up For Hours

By Gary Miller

It’s amazing sometimes when I think about how hunters and fishermen endure certain things willingly. One area I seem to always think of is in the area of standing. I’m reminded of two friends especially. One is a tournament fisherman. Whether he is fishing for money or not, he will not sit down while fishing no matter how long he has been fishing. I’ve never even seen him lean on his pedestal seat. He will stand for hours.

Another friend is an avid deer hunter. Avid might be an understatement. He is so paranoid about deer seeing or hearing him that he will walk what seems to be an inordinate and an unnecessary distance in the dark without a flashlight, just to get to his tree stand. And then, once in his tree stand, he will not sit down at anytime during the hunt. He will stand with bow in hand, waiting expectantly for the animal he is hunting. These stand-ups not only appear in hunting and fishing, but in most sports. There are some fans that stand up during most of their team’s game. I think it is the student section of the Duke Blue Devils who will not sit during the entire basketball game. Now that’s a fan! You may say most of those are young people. Well, the student section may be, but my hunting and fishing friends are both over forty. And some of you right now, are getting ready to email me to tell me you are just like my two friends. But what happens when we go to church?.........

In my church over the past few years, we have moved from a congregation of up and downers to one of extended uppers. We mostly do our music in one session and then allow the pastor to teach. And we stand during our music. While this may be new to some, I have always had a hard time understanding how we could sing There’s Power in the Blood, when it was all running to our backside while we were sitting down!……… just sayin’. This doesn’t mean that some do not remain seated, because of health issues. They should and do, and do so without anyone looking judgmental toward them. But my problem is with those who complain about the constant standing with no related health issues. Do I want to sit down sometimes? Yes, but when those times happen I always remind myself of the previous day when I spent all day long standing in that boat even when the fishing was slim. I figure if I can stand in hopes of a fish for several hours, then I am more than thankful to be able to stand in honor to God and in example to others for as long as it takes on Sunday morning. What about you?

Gary Miller can be reached via e-mail at

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