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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Remembering An Indescribable Hunting Moment

By Gary Miller

For the past several years words have been tools of mine. I have tried to somewhat successfully arrange them in a way in order to explain or describe ideas and events. I have even learned new words in order to extend my ability to effectively illuminate my subject. And thankfully, while I never consider myself a great writer, I have grown in this trade.

For nearly 15 years, I have submitted a weekly article. I suppose you can’t help but get a little better after doing this for so long. Some of those submissions really stink and a few of them I’m sort of proud of. I really like the ones that not only describe exactly what my thoughts were, but perhaps even look better on paper. For the past few days however, I have been stumped. I have been stumped with the inability to describe a recent adventure. It was a bear hunting trip in North Carolina. It was a meager three days, but those three days provided me with years of memories and storylines that I will be able to draw from for years.

While most of those memories will be fairly easy to expound upon, one particular day still remains indescribable, and probably will always be that way to everyone except for those who have spent that same long day and/or night in one of the most impenetrable sections of the Croatan National Forest. For nearly nine hours, I crawled, climbed, and cut through an unending blanket of raised swamp, all without food and only a few nips of water. (I forgot my fanny pack.) There were times I wanted to sit down and just quit until someone came after me, but I knew there was no four-wheeler path to within anywhere of my location. I was nearly three-fourths of a mile into the forest and it took us nearly two hours just to get to that location. The way out would be longer and harder because each of us would be taking with us a section of a bear kill along with our rifles.

My only consolation was our two guides who seemed unfazed by the enormity of the path ahead. About 30 minutes after dark, we arrived back at our truck – tired, thirsty, scratched up, and ready for a hot meal, a hot shower, and a warm bed. My words do not do justice to the day. It was and is, indescribable. A few things in life remain indescribable, but only to a certain population.

For instance, a man will never know what it’s like to have a baby. (One woman said, if a man wants to know what it’s like, have him take his bottom lip and pull it up over his head. LOL.) While some things can never be experienced and thus never understandable; other things can only be described if they are experienced. And that’s the truth about the Christian life. One cannot describe a supernatural presence. It can only be experienced. And the experience is available to all.

Gary Miller can be reached via e-mail at

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