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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: It's Never Too Late To Learn

By Gary Miller

I know I'm constantly growing as a hunter and fisherman. All I have to do is look back at last year and I know there’s room to get better. One young man was being interviewed for a new position. The interviewer asked, “What do you wish to gain by your employment here?” To which the applicant replied, “I wish to gain experience.” Well, there’s one thing that’s for sure, he will gain experience. It may be a good experience or a bad experience but he will gain experience. Each hunt offers much of the same. Hopefully, most of the days will bring good experiences but undoubtedly some will bring a painful one.

Last year I bragged about my 55-yard shot on a double bearded gobbler but a few days later I missed another bird at only 15 yards. Now I may have thought I had arrived as a hunter after such a long, and might I say impressive, shot. But missing at such a short distance brought me back to the truth that I am an incomplete hunter. The truth is, as long as I continue to pursue this passion of mine, I will forever be learning and growing. It’s sometimes amazing that we can deal with these faux pas’ when it comes to hunting or fishing but we are quick to give up when it comes to something like our Christian life. We tell ourselves if we cannot do it completely, perfectly, and wholeheartedly, we’ll just not do it at all. And thus we let our incompleteness determine our worth as a child of God.

Did you know Michelangelo started 44 sculptures and fourteen of them were never completed? I wonder what the value of those 14 might be. You see, our worth to God is not based upon how many successful Christian days we have notched in our belt. It’s based solely on the initiative of God to love us, even while we were unlovable. And God’s determination to continue to love us is not based upon our ability to be lovable. It is based upon His desire to accept us even though we are an incomplete work. So, my friend, giving up will never be a problem if you never start with the idea that success is the goal.

Gary Miller can be reached via e-mail at

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