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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Many Of Best Bucks Taken Are Non-Typical Types

By Gary Miller

Have you ever noticed that many of the best bucks ever taken have been of the non-typical type? The racks of these monsters are as unique as the stories of how they made it to the wall of fame. They come in 16-, 20-, and even 30-point varieties. They may have drop-tines, multiple brow tines, stickers, and a host of other deformities; and yet, they are trophies that all hunters long for. It’s said the reason these racks become non-typical is either from injury or illness, and sometimes even genetics.

That is, sometime early in their development a tragedy took place. It was one so great that it affected the entire life span of that deer. It was, undoubtedly, traumatic and perhaps even life threatening. And the scars that were left could not be hidden from friend or foe. Even though they overcame the experience, everyone would always know something bad had happened. However, look what took place after that experience; the maimed became the monarch and the tragedy produced a trophy! And what was once the ugly duckling became the swan of the woods.

Herein, is a wonderful lesson. Many of you think your tragedy is too big to overcome. The injury was too severe. The illness was too devastating. Your past is tainted with one bad decision after another. You feel the scars of the battles have marked you as unwanted or unneeded. It seems now you are looked at in a different way – that you are non-typical.

Friend, God’s specialty is turning the non-typical into the trophy. He mixes love, truth, and time together to produce a work of his grace. Your past is his canvas and your hurts are the colors he uses to paint the picture of what he wants you to become. Don’t spend your time regretting an unchangeable past. Instead let God take it and make it into a place where He can show you off, as a trophy of grace.

Gary Miller can be reached via e-mail at

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