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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Hunting Trophies Come In Different Sizes

By Gary Miller

It seems now days that many of us are in to hunting a trophy, especially those of you who have been hunting for a long time. To take a doe or a small buck no longer interests you. I’m not there yet and I suppose there are more hunters out there just like me. I still get a thrill out of taking a doe with a bow. Now I have never claimed to be a hunting expert nor one who can claim too many hunting experiences and adventures. I just love to hunt. The trophy for me is simply success.

It doesn’t take long to see that trophies come in different sizes to different people. Just look at the pictures that adorn the check-in stations and you will see the smiling faces of youth and adults alike. Some are not even old enough to hold up a gun by themselves. There are girls in pigtails, boys in their dad’s clothes, and older folks, all with the same proud look. Some are kneeling beside a doe, others a spike, and some a real rocking chair rack. The one thing in common is they all have their trophy.

Sometimes it may seem that God has His trophies, those who are spiritually bigger than you and me. Men and women who, it seems, are loved more by God. They seem to have position and possessions and no problems. What they bring to God’s check-in station is so much bigger than what we bring. But we are so wrong. God has never culled or passed on one member of His creation. We are all loved, gifted, and special to Him. As you have heard many times, if we were the only person on earth God would have sent His Son to die for us. Since that is true, it makes us all a trophy of His grace.

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