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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Doing Stupid Things In Hunting & Life

By Gary Miller

It amazes me how often I still do stupid things. Now it probably doesn’t surprise some of the people who know me, but I honestly shake my head in wonder at my consistent ignorance to learn from the past. This ugly fact has raised its head several times during this turkey season. How can a somewhat seasoned hunter do things that he knows will not work? How can he keep thinking that he can keep doing the same thing, and get different results? How can he be me? If I sound a little perplexed, I am.

Even though I’ve killed a few birds, I have made some bad decisions and have been too impatient. I’ve missed several other birds as a result. After those misses I have set there empty-handed saying to myself, “What in the world were you doing?” I’ve had no answer. The aftereffects have been noticeable. I can’t quit shaking my head. In turkey hunting, these lame brain blunders only cause disappointment and frustration.

In other areas of life the cost is much greater. There really does come a time when we all have to learn the lesson. We can’t go on and on making the same mistake over and over thinking a heartfelt “I’m sorry” will make everything all right. Those that we hurt are not convinced our latest slip-up will be our last. But why? It’s because we keep doing the same thing and expecting different results. Someone has called this the definition of insanity.

For real change to happen there must be a radical detour from the direction we have been going. That radical detour will ultimately lead to making the right decisions when the moment of truth comes. I have counseled those who have claimed to be at the end of themselves. They tell me they are at the bottom and are tired of doing things their way. But when I tell them what they need to do, they make excuses as to why they are unable to do it. It just proves they are not actually at the bottom or at the end of themselves. There is still something left they are holding on to.

God is willing to radically take the reins of anyone’s life. We must be willing to completely let go of everything without question. God, in turn, will begin to do the work in His power that we were unable to do in our own. Have you discovered a pattern in your own life? Is it one that has always led you down a path of pain? Why not give God a try? It may be a radical detour but it will always lead to a better outcome.

Gary Miller can be reached via e-mail at If you'd like for him to speak at your organization or club, you can reach him by e-mail.

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