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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Decoys Are Helpful & Effective To Use During Turkey Hunt

By Gary Miller

Last year I broke down and bought me two Avian X decoys. If you’re a turkey hunter, you know these are not cheap. They are the most realistic decoys that I know of on the market. I bought a hen and Jake. (A Jake is a young gobbler for those who may not know.) I used them at the end of last year and during every hunt this year. It’s amazing how effective they can be and how they can draw the attention away from the hunter which gives us a lot more leeway when it comes to movement. I think the best way to use these decoys is in the tandem I’ve described.

When the Jake is with a hen, a gobbler is more apt to come to the decoys. He does that in order to fight the Jake and take the hen. If the hen decoy is by itself, nature takes over and the Tom simply waits on the hen as nature has designed it. If the Jake is alone, the gobbler has no reason to waste his time fighting. But if the Jake is trying to take his hen, the fight is on! I saw this up close last year. Just before I put an arrow in a nice gobbler, he viciously attacked my Jake decoy. (I love when a good plan comes together.) This year I spent over an hour waiting and watching a gobbler in the distance. Eventually he strutted over to my decoy layout as well. He ended up on my dinner plate. Each time that I have set this decoy tandem up, I have had success. I love it.

I’ve been so impressed with my new decoys that I have wondered if there is anything in my own life that has me fooled. I mean is there anything that I am convinced is real but when I really think about it, it’s not? I believe there is. In fact, I believe there is in a lot of areas. But in order to believe this, I first have to first believe I have an enemy. If I have no enemy, these life decoys are harmless. They may fool me at first but I would soon find out they are what they are.

A recent survey discovered that only about 40% of Christians believed in a real evil enemy called Satan. That means that most Christians will think his decoys are harmless. It also means they will never know the truth until it is too late. Why do I believe Satan is real? Because Jesus did. And when you look at those who wrote about Jesus, even outside the Bible, there is no evidence of his testimony being anything but true.

Gary Miller can be reached via e-mail at

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