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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Not Many Folks Can Handle Success

By Gary Miller

Many of my fellow fishermen are heading to Alabama to get in on the great crappie fishing. They offer some of the best during the winter months. The stories I’ve heard lately have made me start planning my own trip.

I’ve made the trek to Lake Weiss a few times before but it’s been years. I can remember nights in a lakeside motel, suppers in the marina diner, and days of fishing with only a break for lunch. The locals always seem willing to help a stranger out with the latest news on what the fish are biting. I always took notice of their hospitality. As you may know, that doesn’t happen a lot when you’re fishing for bass. There, you’re on your own.

On one such trip, I had the opportunity to go with an elderly man and his sons. Our senior partner was the unchallenged patriarch of his big family. He had gained their respect through the years by example in being a good husband, father, in business, generosity, and in his simple kindness to everyone he met. He was a man of means but carried himself with a thankful humility. We caught very few fish on that trip but every time I think about catching crappie in Alabama, I think of my time there with him.

Very few people can deal with success. I believe, for every ten individuals who can handle adversity, there is only one who can handle success. When adversity comes in our life we tend to move closer to God. We need Him then. We cry out to Him about the difficulties and dilemmas that are beyond our resources and abilities. We want Him to do what we cannot do for ourselves. Success means that everything is going our way. Our health is good. Our family is safe and secure. Our billfold is full. Our resources and our abilities are seeing us through. How many of us draw nearer to God during times like these? Very few. Most of us just cruise along without giving much more than a weekend thought about the One who is the Giver of all good things. For most, success is a taskmaster that demands all of our thoughts, treasure, and time.

Is life going pretty good for you right now? If it’s not, take it to God. He cares for you. If it is, take it to God as well. Not with just a token “thank you,” but with a humble hunger to know Him more and more even through the best of times. If you can do that, you will be in an elite class of those who God can bless with even more.

Gary Miller can be reached via e-mail at

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