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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: November Exciting Time For Seeing Big Deer In Most Places

By Gary Miller

November is undoubtedly the best month for seeing big deer, in most states.

The bucks are either cruising for a doe that is ready to breed or they are already hot on the heels of one that is in sight. Depending on where you live, the action is at its best. Many of the southern states will have to wait until December and even January, and that is okay, because you can’t be everywhere in a 30-day period. And that's the dilemma. You see when it comes to hunting the big bodied deer of the Midwest and the north, there is a relatively small window for the best opportunities.

Again, even if you take the whole month of November, there are only thirty days. That is not a lot of time when you consider the number of days that one’s responsibilities will let him hunt, and especially if you are perhaps planning to take a trip to another state. All in all, the days are few for an opportunity to hunt during the best time of the year. It is crucial to make the most of each opportunity.

There are many times in life that we must take a renewed look at what we are doing. We need to reevaluate to see if we are spending our time doing the things that fit into our particular area of calling. God has placed each one of us in a certain area of ministry. It might be as a bulldozer operator or as a stay-at-home mom but both are important to God. It is when we move outside of our calling that we get frustrated and overwhelmed.

There are many good things that we can spend our time doing – even religious things. We can say yes to everything under the sun because of our desire to do these good things. But if we are not careful we will spend our time doing so many good things that we neglect the one particular thing God has called us to do. Just as this special time of the year for hunting deer is limited, so are our days on earth. We all need to make sure that we are spending them doing what God has called each of us to do. Not only will we be fulfilled, others will be blessed.

Gary Miller can be reached via e-mail at

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