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OUTDOOR TRUTHS: Men & Women Differences Can Be Helpful

By Gary Miller

There’s something about “bringing home the bacon” or as in my case, the turkey. I came in from our opening day hunt with bird in hand. I stalked it, shot it, hauled it home, cleaned it, and handed it to my wife knowing that I had provided Sunday dinner for the next day. I honestly felt like I had touched the “hunter” part of man’s makeup. I felt like I had fulfilled one of my purposes as the male gender of the homo-sapien species. Now as long as Food City was close I knew we wouldn’t starve but it just seemed fitting for me to take the role as “hunter” in the hunter/gatherer relationship between the male and female. You know, men are hunters and women are gatherers.

Let me explain.

My wife gives me a list of two or three things to pick up at the grocery store. On that list is toilet paper. It sounds easy enough, but let me show you the difference in the sexes. I go to aisle 12, find the extra fluffy Charmin bathroom tissue, load it into my cart and go home. Here’s how I (man/hunter) did it. I was given the prey to locate (bathroom tissue). I hunted it down (aisle 12). I picked the trophy (extra fluffy). I killed it (bare hands). I loaded its carcass into my truck (I put the tissue into the cart). Now this seemed like such a simple task but how different it is from the woman/gatherer side of things.

My wife has the same list. She knows that the toilet paper is in aisle 12, so she easies over to aisle 12, going through aisles 9, 10, and 11 first. After arriving she sees all of the brands and styles. Immediately she begins to calculate. She compares the number of sheets in each roll, the amount of plies per sheet, and the number of rolls in each package. She measures, weighs, and figures. Then, before she makes her decision, she wonders if the other store may have it even cheaper. Then after GATHERING all of this needless (did I say that?) information, she decides on the Cottonelle. And that’s the difference in the hunter and gatherer.

I’m not sure why God made men and women so different. He must have a real sense of humor. But no matter how much we are different we all have an important purpose in life; not just as a man or woman but as individuals. And there’s no better feeling than doing what we were made to do.

Gary Miller can be reached via e-mail at

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