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NATIONAL MEDIA: Ranking Sweet 16 Teams; Yankees' Brian Cashman on UK; West Virginia's Upset

Here's a sampling of sports articles about UK and NCAA appearing in national publications:

*Sporting News: Ranking Sweet Sixteen Teams


The real 2015 Kentucky Derby, the one that decides whether the top-ranked Wildcats can become the first undefeated NCAA champion since 1976, advances to its second stage this week.

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*New York Times: Yankees' Brian Cashman on Wildcats


When he was a boy in Lexington, Ky., Brian Cashman never had visions of becoming the Yankees’ general manager. He was not from the Bronx. He was being raised in bluegrass country, where basketball is king and children daydream of playing for the University of Kentucky.

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*New York Times: West Virginia's Upset Strategy


COLUMBUS, Ohio — The following dynamics have been unable to unnerve Kentucky this season: luck, divine intervention and the bloating pressure of a 36-0 mark that grows greater the deeper the top-seeded Wildcats advance into the N.C.A.A. tournament.

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*Wall Street Journal: UK Players on Film Study


LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Most basketball teams prepare for games the same way: They study video of the opposition. This has been business as usual in basketball since coaches had to physically cut tape. They plant themselves in front of projector screens for film sessions that are so long they should come with popcorn.

Click here for the full article in Wall Street Journal

*Wall Street Journal: Should Players Share NCAA Tourney Pie?


It won’t come as a shock to anyone that the NCAA men’s basketball tournament is one of the great win-win arrangements in sports.

Click here for the full article in Wall Street Journal

UK-ArkansasFeb.28-2015 301.JPG

Bill Raftery Interviews John Calipari after the Arkansas game at Rupp Arena. He will be calling his first Final Four on TV. Photo by Jamie H. Vaught

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