New Presidential Books About Bush & Carter

By Jamie H. Vaught



We often don't see two living ex-presidents in the early 90s who are still around. 


And guess what? 


I'm reading recently-published books about them -- Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush -- and they are pretty good so far after reading the beginning chapters of both books.  The book reviews on Amazon have been positive as well.


Carter will be 91 in October, while Bush turned 91 last June.


Carter, the peanut farmer from Plains, Ga., who was elected president in 1976, has penned another book, which is titled "A Full Life: Reflections At Ninety" (Simon Schuster, $28.00).  A Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2002, he has written more than two dozen books. His latest book relfects on his public and private life, including his regret at losing his re-election to Ronald Reagan, racism during his boyhood, among other topics.


Here's a link to a brief interview President Carter had with Columbus Dispatch as he was scheduled to have a book signing in Columbus, Ohio:


Meanwhile, the book about Bush, titled "Quiet Man: The Indispensable Presidency of George H.W. Bush" (Broadside Books, $28.99), is written by former White House chief of staff John H. Sununu.  The author gives a unique inside account about his longtime close friend as he worked with Bush when he was vice president under Reagan and was a front-row observer to many significant events of Bush's presidency. Bush was elected president in 1988.


Here's a link to a recent article about Sununu and his book, appearing in in New Hampshire: 


By the way, it should be pointed out another book about the first President Bush is scheduled to be released in early November by Random House.  The 848-page book, titled "Destiny and Power: The American Odyssey of George Herbert Walker Bush," is being written by well-known author Jon Meacham.


If you like presidential books, you'll enjoy these two books and check them out at your favorite bookstore.